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An orphaned African-American left in the care of a treacherous single mother on the edge of a mental breakdown creates his own hero

Black in China: The Anti-African Protests of 1988

December 18th, 2019

One must understand that before the 1980's there generally wasn't any friction between blacks and Chinese. Now when I say blacks, I mean mostly blacks from the continent of Africa. Another reason was because there was sporadic contact between blacks and the Chinese on the mainland. A notable figure was Paul Robeson who believed in Communism and Marxist ideology. During the 1950's Robeson would often travel to China to perform and give lectures; much to the disdain of the idea of McCarthyism which was running rampant at the time. He found solidarity with the struggles of Chinese people that were juxtaposed with his own struggles dealing with racism and Jim Crow laws in America....


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